Things to Know Before Planning a Trip to Big Bradley Falls

The impressive Big Bradley Falls in North Carolina cascades some 75 feet from top to bottom over three tiers. It’s located in the relatively pristine wilderness along the Green River and features ravines, gorges, forests, and coves. Colorful wildflowers grow along the trail, adding to the loveliness of the scene. This is the region where the Blue Ridge Mountains begin, making it a particularly gorgeous setting.

An Important Cautionary Note

This beautiful natural feature is known as “bashful” because it’s difficult to view the entire waterfall. The walk on the main trail is moderately difficult, but only experienced, advanced hikers should attempt to see the waterfall in its entirety from both the top and bottom. The effort requires a difficult, potentially hazardous climb down the rocks, including an area that can only be reached with a 30-ft. rope-assisted maneuver. Side paths, with no railings, are steep and dangerous. The spray makes the boulders slippery to climb on.

Other Area Waterfalls

A trip to see this waterfall can be a one-day adventure or it might be a long weekend that includes viewing other nearby sights. Little Bradley Falls and Pearson’s Falls Glen can be included for people who love these kinds of natural settings.

Nearby Towns and Cities

Saluda is the closest town, but travelers should keep in mind it’s a little burg of about 700 residents. Nevertheless, several restaurants can be found there, and fun shopping opportunities are available at local stores. Tourists from out of state will likely want to bring back souvenirs of their time spent in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Travelers who would like to stay in a bit larger city might choose Hendersonville, with a population of about 14,000. Further north is Asheville, which offers a larger variety of popular activities. Asheville is less than an hour’s drive from Big Bradley.

Lodging Possibilities

Because of the scenic attractions, a large number of lodging establishments are located throughout the area around Saluda, a region that is dotted with numerous small towns. Resorts, bed-and-breakfast inns, lodges, and luxury hotels offer a variety of possibilities. There’s something for everyone, including the opportunity to camp.

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