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Zoning is a tool used by city planners in developing and designing a village or town to a city. Skilled city planners will bear in mind the community’s industry needs, growth rate, population, and dominant industry. By coming up with a city plan based on various zoning categories formed by the county or state, the planner can effectively and efficiently design a balanced city. This write up will highlight the different kinds of zoning and the general goal of zoning.

Zoning Definition

Zoning is defined as how the local government develops and regulates land that is within its control. It is divided into several categories and aids in city balancing that ensures the right land use and offers values to the citizens who have titles to their properties. Also, zoning aids in guarding the local environment and ensuring that the property values are stable.

Zoning Types

Zoning is an intricate system though it can be broken down into different categories to aid the city planners and other groups to comprehend the whole city division process. Most people only know of industrial, residential and commercial zones; there are others in this list as well.

Commercial zoning basically entails businesses in the non industrial category like hotels, shopping centers, office buildings and night clubs. Regulations and laws may come in and limit or ban adult entertainment joints like taverns and gentleman’s clubs I’m certain geographical areas. Usually, such business should be located at a certain distance from existing parks, churches and schools.

Just like commercial zoning, the industrial zoning is all about businesses. Nonetheless, the variation comes in in that industrial zoning is all about regulating companies according to environmental factors like use, air quality and noise. The common businesses in this category include the manufacturing plants and airports. Dissimilar to commercial zones, there are higher setback needs in industrial zoned areas.

Residential zoning entails building residentiall buildings such as condominiums, mobile hom s, apartments and single family residences. Residential zoning regulations usually regulate how residential lands are used like hindering people rearing farm animals in surbaban neighbourhoods and limiting the construction projects.

Agricultural zoning is applicable in agricultural societies. This is the zoning kind that limits development density and restricts use of non agricultural land within a zone. The goal of this zoning category is protecting farming regions from the fragmentation caused by housing development and commercialization.

Aesthetic zoning is the kind that is common in the planned and upscale communities. This is the type of zoning that puts stringent regulations on landscaping and construction. The goal behind this zoning is keeping a uniform appearance and quality of buildings in a certain community.

Historical zoning entails structures and properties seemed to have cultural or historical value to a community, thus require preservation. This kind of zoning hinders the alteration of the site or structure from it’s natural or original state. They can be repaired or restored to their former original state though.

Rural zoning usually puts land away from the towns being used for farming and ranching. In most region a of the country, rural zones comprise of buildings and homes found on properties like barns and grain mills.

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